How to Be a Personal Concierge

In European and American countries, concierge can be found on most premises around the cities. In most schedules, especially for individuals in business, there is no time for those extra errands, or to do research on finding the perfect Asian restaurant. Being in the business, where managing your time is everything, it is nothing for individuals and companies to pay other individuals to do these duties for them. Though personal concierge services are a recent development, they are in high demand and are being used more and more each day.

Since the 90’s there has been an immense growth in concierge businesses and every year annually have increased even more. They are the experts in organization and time-management and can manage your paperwork and stand in those long queues you’ve been dreading all your life.

Employers are finding that they now not only have to create a safe environment but a supportive one for their employees. It is important to take care of these employees as they spend so many hours looking after others and attending to their needs while neglecting their own. Offering help to their employees can often boost the productivity of their services and in doing so, boost their client base.

According to expert, concierge services will be used more by business in the future, to adhere to the leisure of they’re employees. Especially for individuals such as the CEO and high levels of management. It’s important to know that they’re not corporate employees, but corporate suppliers. They only supply the service to corporate employees.

Finding passion
Being a personal concierge can be difficult and challenging. One must have a great passion for it, to maintain good service as it can become quite daunting working for corporate clients who are often strict and difficult.

If you are considering being a concierge as a career, you can expect duties such as light housekeeping, pet-sitting, car repairs which includes oil change and car wash, event planning, waiting in lines for your client, relocation services, plant care, gift buying, dry cleaning, travel arrangements, mail pickup, dinner reservations, landscaping, maid servicing, interior decorating, meal pickups, carpet cleaning, grocery shopping, locating collectables and any other personal errand you could think of.


What are the benefits?
Starting out, one will need between $2000 to $4000 as a concierge. If you already have a computer and an office setup that is and since it is a business which is service-based, it won’t require for you to make a financial investment.

If you are a good people’s person, are acquainted with businesses and know how to deliver a good service, you could easily start a concierge business, though it’s not the hardest business to run in the world, it sets alight a new set of challenges.