What does a concierge service do?

A concierge is someone who will do anything for you, but only if its moral, legal and ethical. Though some are not familiar with the service, most have at least heard about a hotel concierge, who is known as someone at reception who are the key keeper. Some even refer to them as a personal assistant, but concierge that are more independent than stationed at a hotel, usually belong to a company as employees. These companies have a list of employees that are hired by the public, both locals and foreigners visiting their country. They then render a ‘concierge service’ to these customers and assist them with duties such as the following.

They tend to offer everything from transportation services, grocery shopping, senior care, business referral services, they search for tickets to special events, arrange meetings, do modified house sitting, pet services, book restaurant reservations and even pick-up your dry cleaning.

They sound so, helpful. Imagine being in a foreign city, not knowing where to go or what to do, and then on top of that having to spend your holiday time looking for it. That’s why a personal-assigned concierge is so popular and helpful. Concierge services are experts in providing people with outsourced ‘assistants’.

With life’s constant changes and everyday challenges, more and more people are opting for ways that save time.


With services being offered by institutions such as MeetnGreetMe, providing an effort for resolving problems, similar companies have presented themselves as affordable and helpful to the public. This service provider is now an online and further developing a platform, which unlike others, only provide their services to travelers from abroad.

Concierge services are also rendered to VIP or customized services used by professionals.

A 24-hour concierge
A service offered 24/7, is a dream come true, as you could contact your personal concierge even during the early morning hours while everybody is sleeping. This is especially helpful when traveling, as the concierge can make the necessary arrangements or changes urgently. Be sure to check each service’s special list of terms and conditions.

What is it like being a concierge?
Apart from working in hotels and resorts, a concierge is also found on cruise ships, employed by traveling agencies, community care facilities and by private service companies. Sometimes a group of concierge report to and is managed by a chief concierge. This allows the workload to be easily distributed among a few concierges, rather than loading all the work onto one individual.

There are some companies that offer their services to private, business class people.
After being a concierge for a company, one could even own your own company. Being a concierge could be both fun and challenging. It all depends on the clients you have, but one thing that should never be compromised is respect. Although a concierge delivers a service to others, a high level of respect should always be maintained.